My story

Mexico, my country of origin, is rooted in a rich history of which I am extremely proud of and I wish to share through my paintings. Whether its intense heat, bright colors or extreme flavors, this wonderful country leaves no one indifferent or uninterested and it greatly influences the textures and deep contrasts of my artwork. You cannot be born in a country where human poverty meets wealth without being deeply affected by this lack of nuance and subtlety. However, this awareness comes with a price … you have to accept to leave in order to see and experience life differently. Neither gray or dull, my art is elegant and often inspired by the child in me who grew up in the shadow of the Mayan site of the Teotihuacan pyramids. Other times, it is inspired by my spiritual approach developed around the world, with roots as far back as the fifteenth century B.C.

Three pillars guide my brushes:

The spirit, the body and the soul.

“The Spirit” through the fantastic world of fantasy and heroes that inspire this world:

By using “Superheroes”, I strive to fight the ego, villain of human evolution, by preserving one’s inner child. It is in the color, the movement and especially the message of each character that the child chooses, through the observer’s eyes, to drop this daily mask. What a relief to let yourself live again without fear of judgment! That is what I strive to create through my art … devoid of ego and unpretentious. The world is currently in constant movement. People are increasing cosmetic interactions as well as accelerating the stimulation of all senses.  The result is that we lose all sense of depth and interact at a superficial level. It is through the child’s eye that the spirit of the “adult” will stop and focus on a still image, suggesting movement to satisfy the stimulus, and eventually will convey the message during this moment of unconscious reflection.

“The body” through recycling to revive the materials “lost forever”

The alchemist turns lead into gold! I transform metal pieces into carved and painted works of art. Not just a second life, this allows to see things differently to inspire the world to think differently. Like an alchemist searching the elixir of life, these timeless works find their meaning for those who appreciate art and ingenuity that characterize the soul of my people and the people of my adopted land, Quebec. The era of disposing is firmly installed, even if we are more and more aware of “recycling”. The gesture to dispose of things remains, as we delegate to others the task of re-using and recycling. You just have to look outside and check the size of those green, blue or black bins spread across our sidewalks. I wish to bring a reflection on how each individual could, by himself, make the decision to reuse and transform things. Not so long ago a simple string and two tin cans would become a toy phone for our children. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. But the wisdom of the universe and the Yoga “flow” teaches us that the end is only a step through the beginning of a new life, which is repeated again and again to infinity.

“The soul” through self-development by elevating the inner divinity:

This is where the trilogy of my process is completed. The union of my artwork and yoga, which inspire my daily life, takes shape from my inspiration and my deepest intentions to become a creation. Sometimes on canvas, sometimes on metal, my soul is inspired by the colors of the chakras by blending materials to convey a unique message for each witness. Although spirituality and our personal beliefs remain a private and fragile matter, all I seek is to inspire with respect. The expression of my artwork is realized through my approach inspired by yogic terms, while my brushes are guided harmoniously in a world that leads to another, transmitting a personal message to the observer’s soul.

Art does not impose anything, it only creates a universe suitable with the connection between the various components in the human being, and only when we touch senses and emotions at once, we communicate with what is greater within us.

Without subtlety, but with simplicity …